Keep your bundle optimized over time.

Performance is money. Bundle Analyzer helps to keep your bundle small.

Feature 01

Keep it small

All assets size are automatically checked. If an asset crosses the limit, you are notified in your pull-request.

Feature 02

Understand your bundle

Bundle analyzer gives you an overview of your webpack bundle. You will finally know what is it and how to optimize it.

Feature 03


Your sources are never uploaded to our servers. Your stats are stored on a private S3 bucket.

Feature 04

Work with GitHub

Bundle Analyzer is available as a GitHub app. You are notified in each commit and pull-request.

Feature 05

Easy integration

Available as a webpack plugin or directly in CLI. 5 minutes of your time will be enough to get it ready!

Free for all

Bundle Analyzer is a new tool, made by Smooth Code, a dev studio. We already earn money by creating amazing React projects for startups. That's why this tool is free for everyone.

What you will get
  • Bundle Analysis
  • Assets size check
  • Unlimited history of builds
  • Unlimited collaborators & repositories

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